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Dr. Niranjan Chavan


Diploma in Endoscopy (USA),
Training In Minimal Access Surgery. ( Hampstead, U.K)

A Serous cystadenoma of 28 weeeks size in a 4 months old pregnant women was removed by Laproscopy in August 2010 by Dr. Niranjan Chavan, senior gyneacologist, Sion Hospital, Mumbai .She continued with the pregnancy and was treated for the same in the OPD of LTMMCollege and General Hospital, Sion. On February 13, 2011, she delivered normally a 2.8 kg female child. Both mother and infant were fine. This became the first ever reported case in India where a Laproscopic Ovarian cystectomy was performed skillfully on the largest Ovarian Tumour (28 weeks size ) in pregnancy with a successfull perinatal outcome. The patient was given general anaesthesia. The Co2 gas was maintained at a intrabdominal pressure less then 12 mm of Hg. Care was taken not to injure the uterus and bowel while cauterising the ovarian cyst wall by Dr. Niranjan Chavan.

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